What is parking heater?

Warm up the cab, preheat engine system in extremely cold weather, fuel saving.

We like driving.

How does heater feel?

Warm air but not dry, 20 minutes saved per day! $1250 fuel saved per year!

Parking heater saves you time and money.

Why Tenzu parking heater?

Better motherboard, better ignitor, better shell.
Means Tenzu is the best!

What you can find in Tenzu

Parking heater


Air Conditioner

integrated air conditioner 2

All in One Air Heater

All in one parking heater

Coolant Heater

3,5kw water heater

Major benefits of parking heater, every truck owner deserves it.

1. Keep driving safe all the time

Once you have installed Tenzu parking heater, the driver’s visibility will be super clear. Safety ensured all the time.

2. USD 300-1250 for fuel every winter

In extremely cold winter weather, installing a TENZU park heater can solve the problem of cold starts and prevent the car engine from consuming too much fuel. If the truck driver needs to rest in the vehicle, the TENZU park heater can keep the cab at a comfortable temperature and does not require the truck to be running all the time. Each truck driver who installs a TENZU park heater can save $300-1,250 per year in fuel costs.

3. Save lots of time

By remotely activating the TENZU park heater, you can save 30-40 minutes of car warm-up time per day and 32-42 hours a winter, so why not spend that time with your family?

4. No more snow scraping 

Scraping snow off the windshield in the cold weather is a torturous task. With the TENZU parking heater, say goodbye to snow scraping.

5. Value

At the moment you get in, the cab is already at a very comfortable temperature. Wet and cold gloves, shivering feet, heavy jackets, you don’t need any of these. Bring a cup of coffee to start your day!

Tenzu parking heater: Make driving easy and truck life better.