About Tenzu

Why Tenzu tonneau cover is the right choice?

Founded in 2011 by David and the belief of “Casting the future”, Tenzu always attaches great importance to customers’ feedbacks and needs from day one. After 3 times of upgrades, Tenzu parking heater can replace 90% of the heaters in the market, no matter for after-maket or ODM, of course with same or better quality. Also, Tenzu has 8 parking heater patents in order to protect customer’s brand reputation, which is becoming more and and more important. Anything you need, whether buying a parking heater for your own truck or having plans to establish new heater brands for the local market, we can manage to make it happen.

All you need to do is giving us an email or a call.

Tenzu tonneau cover history

2011 – David Wang establish Tenzu auto parts

2013 – Tenzu started a new product: tonneau cover

2014 – Moved to the new office building and set up two more new production lines

2016 – Tenzu has built businesses with more than 8 countries

2018 – Tenzu has registered 43 tonneau cover patents

2020 – Tenzu succeeded to increase production capacity to 11000 pcs/year

Our Mission

Make truck life better.

Our Vision

Casting the future.

How to DIY your own tonneau cover?

Usually, DIY pickup truck tonneau cover is not the best option. Because it takes a lot of time and effort to make the tonneau cover of the pickup truck. And if the production accuracy or method is not great, it may lead to repetitive work. It is more convenient to buy directly from the store or online.
If you are a handyman who is interested in DIY, why not? The DIY steps are as follows:

Detailed list of materials that you will need to purchase, tools to own or rent, and steps that you will need to take.

Materials: Exterior-grade wood, polyurethane, aluminum, or any other material which will be necessary to make the tonneau cover itself. C-shape metal brackets, which are designed to house adjustable shelving. Metal screws, preferably flush mount, which will be used along the length of the rail. Truck bedliner coating or any other type of paint.

Tools: Measuring tape, cut-off wheel, a drill with all of the necessary drill bits, pencil or marker, woodworking clamps, an electric or manual screwdriver.

  • Measure the distances of the bed side rails, i.e. the inner diameter of the pickup truck’s bed, and the thickness of its side rails, exactly where you will install the brackets.
  • Take your C-shape brackets and cut them to the necessary length with a cut-off wheel. You will need three brackets, two for the inner left and right sides of the pickup truck’s bed, and one more for the cabin side.
  • Go ahead and attach the properly-cut C-shape brackets to the bed rail with the metal screws. The brackets should already have screw holes in them at the necessary distances, primed with paint so as to stop rust. Use your clamps to hold the brackets in necessary places, while you are priming the screws at proper distances. Install the brackets to sit perfectly flush with the very top of the bed rail.
  • Measure the necessary space for the tonneau cover material, which can be made out of a single piece or several pieces of material like wood, polyurethane, or aluminum, and cut the piece / pieces to the necessary length / lengths.
  • Make sure that your newly-cut tonneau cover fits into the C-shape brackets along the bed rail, then proceed with coating or painting it. That’s it, wait for the paint to dry, then install your newly-made tonneau cover and enjoy driving your pickup truck!

Tenzu tonneau cover, make truck life better.