Do we need to start our car first and let parking heater work?

Friends who have driving experience in winter must know that when you sit inside your vehicle, the first impression is always–Wow! Freezing cold!

Parking heater is the best solution for this. Now, do we need to start the engine in advance to let it work? The answer is NO!

Tenzu parking heater uses the most advanced material: full cast aluminum or ABS plastic, which is independent of car heating equipment. It has its own switch connects to the car battery. With the processes like sparking the oil, operations of the water pump and absorbing antifreeze, we don’t need to start the engine in advance to let parking heater work. Tenzu parking heater has a smart computer to calculate the environment details. When you open your car door, the first impression can be–Wow! Cozy!

So, why not try Tenzu parking heater and get warm in your car?