Heating solutions

Why choose Tenzu parking heaters?

During the cold weather, Tenzu heaters can bring you more comfortableness before you start the engine. With trouble-free installation, they are the great companion for your vehicle-no matter truck, SUV, caravan, pickup or home application.

Without depending on the heat generated by running engine, Tenzu heaters can independently change the inside climate of your vehicle, only with a press on the remote control. It helps to reduce fuel consumption and funny air from outer circulation. In freezing winter, our parking heater can help to start your vehicle more easily, by protecting your auto battery and prolonging the life of ac compressor.


  • CE certification
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High heating-efficiency with low fuel consumption
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Higher cost performance
  • Easier to start your engine
  • No more money for other warm-keeping equipment (steering wheel cover or heating seats)

Yes! We know that there are other parking heater brands in the market, such as Webasto and Eberspächer. However, Tenzu parking heater can totally achieve what they are capable of, only with less than 25% of how they sell.

The math is easy, just do it by yourself and make your next move.

Solution for Car

Great temperature and clear visibility for your vehicle, you can make it done when you start the engine. SUV, MPV, Pickup or Limo, no matter what your car is, you can find the right parking heater in Tenzu. Warm your car, warm your sweet family.

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Solution for Caravan

Drive to anywhere you like, taste the local food, feel the local customs and practices, this is what caravan or motor house means. What does Tenzu heater mean? Bring comfort with you, you will be impressed by how cozy it can be.

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Solution for Truck

Long-distance driving doesn’t have to be exhausting, with Tenzu heater. Besides the safety from right temperature and humidity, cost performance is also our strength. Why not save money for your business, make money for your family?

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We also have brand building solution for business entrepreneurs.