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Why choose Tenzu tonneau cover?

What is the right choice of tonneau cover for your own pickup truck?

A tonneau cover is the most useful accessory you can buy for your pickup truck. Tonneau covers provide many kinds of protection from the weather, security, increased gasoline mileage. But with so many types and styles in the market to choose from, which tonneau cover is right for your truck? Let’s find out.

An open pickup bed exposes its contents to the elements. Cargo can become moisture-damaged or corroded if exposed to rain and snow – especially when water lingers in the truck bed. Unsecured items can shift around and even larger or light items can be blown completely out of the bed on windy weather. Even worse, articles left in the bed for long periods can become faded from the sun or damaged by UV rays. Without a doubt, having an open, exposed pickup bed negates your truck’s usefulness in many ways.

Any tonneau cover will provide some protection from the forces of nature and increase your truck’s versatility, but if protection is a top priority, select a cover with the weather conditions you most often encounter in mind. All cover types will provide protection from sunlight and UV rays, plus they’ll keep strong winds from blowing debris into the bed – or items out of it. But if keeping cargo dry is important, you’ll want a cover that has superior weather seals.

Some covers offer sophisticated water drainage systems that work similarly to the gutters on a house, channeling rainwater into drain hoses. If you live in an area that receives many inches of snow every winter, particularly wet snows, consider a hard tonneau over a soft cover. Even though some soft covers have braces, a lot of heavy, wet snow may still be too much weight for a soft tonneau.

Even the most basic tonneau provides some degree of security based on the old adage “out of sight, out of mind”, but if real security is a primary concern, you’ll want a hard cover that can be locked. A soft tonneau cannot be opened unless the tailgate is down, so you have a certain measure of security if you have a locking tailgate. However, a determined thief can always just slice open the vinyl.

The more air resistance a vehicle has to overcome as it rolls down the road, the harder the engine has to work, which of course requires more fuel. A vehicle’s resistance to airflow can be expressed as a number known as drag coefficient, or Cd. Reducing a vehicle’s aerodynamic drag (the Cd number) is a proven method of saving fuel.

In an experiment reported on by SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association), it was found that adding a tonneau cover to a full size pickup truck reduced the Cd by 11.81%, with a resulting mileage increase of 1.18 mpg. If your truck gets 16 mpg and you drive the national average 15,000 miles per year, at $3.50 per gallon you’re spending about $3281.00 per year on fuel. Installing a tonneau cover and raising your mileage to 17.18 would save you about $225.00. With that kind of savings a tonneau cover will pay for itself in no time!

Styling is subjective of course, but if you’re like most truck owners you carry a lot of stuff in the bed of your truck. And truck beds that get used regularly usually get scratched and damaged from loading and unloading cargo. If that describes your pickup, imagine its bed, its scratch marks, and items you carry in it concealed under a smooth, clean-looking tonneau cover. The looks of your truck are instantly improved. There is a tremendous selection of covers available, so you can get the exact style you want.

Besides the aforementioned weather protection, security, economy, and styling, another factor you’ll have to consider when deciding on a tonneau is how you use your truck. How often do you need full access to the entire bed? How often do you carry cargo that’s taller than your truck’s bed rails? The answer to these questions will determine which style tonneau is right for you.

Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

If you regularly need access to all parts of your bed, roll-up tonneau covers make it easy by opening at the rear of the truck, then quickly rolling up to any partially-open position along the way where they can be secured. Or, leave them fully open just behind the cab. When closed, the cover piece is snugly secured onto included bed rails with snaps, Velcro, or tongue-and-groove seals. Some roll-up tonneau covers feature only a layer of vinyl while others offer additional support under the vinyl top layer. In our roll-up tonneau cover section, you’ll find a useful selection that really meets your needs.

Folding Tonneau Covers/Hard Folding Tonneau Covers








Folding tonneau covers come in hard versions with panels that are completely solid, and in soft versions with a single sheet layer of vinyl stretched over aluminum framework. These types of covers typically fold up into three sections (some have four) and store just behind the cab area at the front of the bed. Folding covers are a good choice if you regularly haul tall or oversize items such as furniture, appliances, or even dirt bikes. Hard folding covers can typically support an evenly distributed load of 250-400 pounds on top of them as well.

Soft Folding Tonneau Covers








Soft folding tonneau covers offer advantages of lighter weight, a smooth-looking uniform expanse of vinyl, and reinforcement from folding framework underneath. Another advantage soft folding covers offer is their looks. This type of cover features an unbroken, uniform look from side to side because, on many models, it sits completely on top of your truck’s bed rails – hiding any unsightly panel gaps and seams underneath. When the panel sections fold, the vinyl outer layer folds with them. All soft folding tonneau covers we offer have three folding sections with aluminum frames.

Can I install a tonneau cover by myself?

You can. Truck bed covers do not require any skills. They also come with instruction manuals for tonneau cover. However, allows look for help if unsure of what to do or if you get stuck midway into the installation. Usually, it takes 30-60 minutes to install a tonneau cover no matter you are tonneau expert or not, a piece of cake.

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