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Why choose Tenzu parking heater?

What is the right choice of parking heater for your truck?

Parking heater is the most practical accessory you can buy for your truck, and TENZU brand parking heaters offer a wide range of functions that can optimize your truck’s interior temperature, engine start in cold weather, safety and fuel mileage. There are numerous brands of parking heaters on the market, from well-known brands like Webasto to Eberspacher, to many localized brands from various countries, so let’s find out which parking heater is the most optimal choice for your truck.

When trucks, RVs, and cars do not have parking heaters, in cold winter temperatures, owners have to face problems such as difficulty in cold engine starting, the presence of large amounts of snow and ice on the windshield that are difficult to remove, high idle fuel consumption while resting inside the truck, and frost on the windshield that affects visibility during driving. There is no doubt that the lack of parking heater will produce many hidden dangers.

Advantages of parking heaters.
1. Solving the problem of truck and car engine systems that cannot be started cold in extremely cold winter temperatures.
2. Maintaining good visibility during driving and avoiding windshield frosting.
3. Atarting the vehicle 2 times a day, saving 15-20 minutes of warm-up time each time and 30-40 minutes a day.
4. Keeping the cab at a comfortable temperature 20-30°C.
5. If the driver needs to rest in the truck at night, the truck no longer needs to idle to keep the car air conditioned. Saving $21 per day in fuel costs and $1,250 per winter.
Therefore, installing a parking heater is a very wise and necessary choice, and many expensive trucks are now equipped with parking heaters from the factory. Parking heaters are a major trend in the future of trucks.

How to choose a parking heater?
Webasto to Eberspacher is a good choice if you don’t need to consider the high cost and prefer a well-known brand. These two brands cost about $990-$5100.
If you need to consider the cost effectiveness of your purchase, then a parking heater made in China is an excellent option.

How to choose the best quality parking heater products from a wide range of made in china parking heater suppliers? Here we first understand what are the wearing parts inside the parking heater and why some parking heaters are easily damaged?
No. 1: wearing parts: parking heater shell
The parking heater housing protects the parking heater from damage by external forces. Some suppliers will use thinner and cheaper housings to save costs. This cheap heater quality is poor, and in the pre-use will have a relatively strong plastic smell, affecting health.
No. 2: wearing parts: motherboard
Parking heater motherboard is the core of the whole machine. Good quality controller can have a more stable computer program and diagnostic system, the motherboard of a variety of electrical components on the life of the longer.
No. 3: wearing parts: igniter
The igniter is the core component that controls the ignition of the fuel. Poor quality igniter due to rough processing, the igniter bubble is easy to produce cracks in the high temperature and lead to ignition head fracture, parking the heater in the main board will report an error shutdown. Good quality igniter without air bubbles can ensure continuous and stable operation.
No. 4: wearing parts: oil pump
The oil pump of the parking heater is used to measure the amount of fuel used. A good quality fuel pump works with lower noise and more stable fuel feed frequency. It ensures the quality of sleep for the people in the truck.

Why TENZU parking heater is the best heater made in China?
1. TENZU uses environmentally friendly odorless material parking heater housing and is 16.3% thicker than the industry average, better than 71% of its peer competitors!
2. TENZU uses more stable and expensive electrical components to produce the main board, better than 62% of its peer competitors!
3. TENZU uses improved bubble-free and high-temperature break-free igniter, better than 94% of peer competitors!
4. TENZU use copper core low noise oil pump, working noise down 11 decibels, better than 80% of the peer competitors!
So, TENZU heater has become the best quality and cost effective heater manufacturer and exporter in China after continuous upgrading and improvement!

TENZU parking heater price is not the lowest, but TENZU parking heater is definitely the most rational choice after you consider the quality. Because TENZU parking heaters have always believed in.

Quality over price!

Truck heater

Cozy temperature, better gas mileage and drive safety for your truck, all can be done when you start the engine. Easy installation and 18 months, your truck worths Tenzu parking heater! Also it is easy to choose Tenzu parking heater, why? Better shell, better igniter, better fuel pump, all makes Tenzu the best.

Truck parking heater
Caravan/Car heater

Drive to anywhere you like, taste the local food, feel the local customs and practices, this is what caravan or motor house means. What does Tenzu heater mean? Bring comfort to you and your family, everyone will be impressed by how wonderful it can be. Wherever you are, Tenzu parking heater makes the world warm for you.

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Marine heater

Long-distance driving doesn’t have to be exhausting, with Tenzu heater. Besides the safety from right temperature and humidity, cost performance is also our strength. Why not save money for your business, make money and time for your family? For marine, Tenzu liquid or portable heater will be your first choice to become comfortable.

Marine parking heater

ODM is also available