How to choose the right parking heater?

Parking heater is a kind of advanced product in recent years, for solving the freezing problem in the cold region. There are different brands on the market, some are expensive, some are cheap. Now, let’s discuss what are the main points we need to pay attention to for choosing the right parking heater.

A. Because the space in the vehicle where the parking heater is used is very limited, so the parking heater needs to be small. However, like the heat generated by the auto engine, the thermal power of the parking heater is required to reach at least 2000W. In other words, to achieve maximum heat utilization, the air or water or portable parking heater has to provide the maximum thermal conversion.

B. The most important point is the power consumption. Electricity is the heart of a vehicle! Mostly, the parking heater works before the car is started, the battery is not replenished but consumed. Especially in winter, the battery power is easy to come low, therefore, it is essential that your car has enough energy to be started after your engine is warmed up. Tenzu parking heater has its own independent gasoline system and does not use much electricity from the battery, and our product is quite and use very few gases while working.

C. Safety is also very important. Due to the relatively small space in the car, the exhausted gas leak may lead to a dangerous situation for drivers. Tenzu parking heater also has its own independent air circulating system, our mission is to warm your world. Keep the exhausted air out of your car.

Any idea to keep warm in your vehicle? Tenzu parking heater will be your best choice.