Parking heater assembly accuracy

The manufacturer needs to ensure the accuracy of the parking heater assembly so that the machine can work properly. The accuracy of the assembly mainly includes the mutual matching precision, relative motion accuracy and mutual positional accuracy between the components.
(1) Matching precision
It refers to the mating quality and contact accuracy between the mating surfaces.
(2) Motion accuracy
It means the accuracy of the moving direction and relative motion speed between components with relative motion in the parking heater, such as transmission […]

What areas of the parking heater cannot be used?

To use the parking heater correctly, here are some suggestions for some areas where the parking heater cannot be used:
First, we need to know is that no matter what, we have to use our parking heater in a safe area, such as a gas station, a tank area or a place where flammable gas is stored. Parking heaters must not be started.
Second, the parking heater should be far away from where there is fuel or wood chips, pulverized coal, granaries, etc., […]

Parking heater maintenance and precautions in winter

The parking heater seasonal equipment used in winter. It should be checked and protected before starting, during and after the operation to ensure safety and reliability.
Here are some suggestions for maintenance:
1. The parking heater should be activated once a month (at least 10 minutes) when winter is over.
2. Check the fuel filter and replace if necessary.
3. Check the leak tightness of the water pipe, to see whether there are twists.
4. Check the leakage of fuel pipe.
5. Check the electric wire whether […]

Parking heater structure

Parking heater is a vehicle heating device for a wide range of automotive engines currently. For such a very convenient application device, its structure has its own characteristics, so we need to make a specific explanation, in order to be more fully understood.
It has its own fuel system, which makes its startup different from the work of other parts of the vehicle. It relies on its own internal structure to carry out the operation, and its working conditions are very easy […]

Air parking heater and water parking heater

There are two types of parking heater: Water parking heaters and air parking heaters according to the application and heating medium.
There are also two types of parking heater: Diesel parking heaters and gasoline parking heaters according to the fuel class.
1. Start the various engines worked in the low-temperature environment
2. Supplying heat for the driving cab and defrosting the windshield
Heat the engine circulation medium – antifreeze. The heat is directly transmitted to the radiator and the defroster in the vehicle, supply heat […]

Working steps of parking heater

The parking heater uses the water circulation to warm the engine and inner space of cab, it helps to solve the problems of window frosting in winter. In the cold environments, the engine can be heated to 80 degrees, and the driving room can be heated to 20-25 degrees, which means that not only the cab temperature is comfortable, but also the vehicle engine is preheated together at the same time. So how does the parking heater work and change the […]

Daily maintenance of parking heater

According to the incomplete statistics of manufacturers and car owners, the installation of parking heaters for vehicles has become a new trend. With the increase in the number of people using parking heaters, the types of parking heaters are gradually increasing too. However, according to the parking heater users, the daily maintenance and protection are not perfectly got by customers. How do we deal with parking heater maintenance and protection?
The vehicle owners who use the parking heater can remove the […]

Brief introduction for parking heater

Parking heater is a kind of independent heating device of vehicles, it has its own fuel supplying system, electric circuits, ignition equipment and smart controlling unit. Without starting the engine to warm up the car which is parked in the low-temperature area during winter, parking heater can totally get rid of engine wearing for starting in cold weather.
The principle of parking heaters is: using battery or heater’s own electricity to ignite a little gasoline, with the heat from combustion of […]

Do we need to start our car first and let parking heater work?

Friends who have driving experience in winter must know that when you sit inside your vehicle, the first impression is always–Wow! Freezing cold!
Parking heater is the best solution for this. Now, do we need to start the engine in advance to let it work? The answer is NO!
Tenzu parking heater uses the most advanced material: full cast aluminum or ABS plastic, which is independent of car heating equipment. It has its own switch connects to the car battery. With […]

How to choose the right parking heater?

Parking heater is a kind of advanced product in recent years, for solving the freezing problem in the cold region. There are different brands on the market, some are expensive, some are cheap. Now, let’s discuss what are the main points we need to pay attention to for choosing the right parking heater.
A. Because the space in the vehicle where the parking heater is used is very limited, so the parking heater needs to be small. However, like the heat […]