Air Heater all accessories with price list

Air Heater all accessories with price list

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Tenzu air parking heater with all accessories-retail and sample price(1 piece)

Air heater accessory list

Retail or sample price

Bulk price

Air parking heater machine USD 115.0~120.0 Negotiable
Mounting plate USD 1.2~1.4 Negotiable
LCD switch/control USD 7.3~9.6 Negotiable
Remote control USD 4.6~5.7 Negotiable
Oil tube/fuel tube USD 0.3~0.4 Negotiable
Oil pump/fuel pump Standard: USD 7.2~7.9

Copper fuel pump: USD 10.5~12.3

Air outlet USD 1.1~1.3 Negotiable
Oil pump base/fuel pump base USD 0.7~1.0 Negotiable
Harness USD 0.4~0.5 Negotiable
Belting USD 0.1 Negotiable
Air inlet USD 2.3~2.8 Negotiable
Silencer(optional) USD 4.1~4.9 Negotiable
Hose clamp USD 0.2 Negotiable
Drilling screws USD 0.05 Negotiable
Filter/fuel filter USD 0.7~1.1 Negotiable
Small hose clamp USD 0.02 Negotiable
Gasket USD 0.09 Negotiable
Exhaust pipe USD 1.3~1.7 Negotiable
Discharge pipe USD 2.1~2.6 Negotiable
Air filter USD 1.9~2.4 Negotiable
Specification/Manual book USD 0.2~0.4 Negotiable
10L fuel tank(optional) USD 8.9~10.3 Negotiable

If there is anything or any part you want to use better material, please let us know, we will do our best to upgrade the machine.

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