Working steps of parking heater

The parking heater uses the water circulation to warm the engine and inner space of cab, it helps to solve the problems of window frosting in winter. In the cold environments, the engine can be heated to 80 degrees, and the driving room can be heated to 20-25 degrees, which means that not only the cab temperature is comfortable, but also the vehicle engine is preheated together at the same time. So how does the parking heater work and change the temperature of your vehicle?

Step 1. Use a remote controller or digital timer to activate the parking heater.

Step 2. After the heater is started, the metering pump will deliver fuel from the tank to the heater.

Step 3. The glow plug in the heater is energized inlet the surrounding air into the heater.

Step 4. The fuel is vaporized by the glow plug. The oil and gas mixture will be ignited.

Step 5. The coolant flows through the heater and is pumped to the coolant circulation after heated.

Step 6. The hot water enters the radiator, and the fan directly blows heated air into the car.

Step 7. The hot water flows from the car radiator to the engine and heats the engine together simultaneously.

Step 8. After the heated coolant returns to the heater, the step 1-7 is repeated.

The parking heater consumes a little of fuel (0.4-0.6L/Hour). When you have parked your vehicle and stopped the engine, you can turn on the parking heater to maintain the temperature to a comfortable level inside the car. What’s more, if you want to buy a new car, the parking heater can be uninstalled and reinstalled in the new car, at any time. After you have invested in a parking heater, you will be benefited for a long time.