Different specifications for parking heater

Parking heaters have their own specifications, however, it can nearly fit for all types of vehicles. Though, we need to see some details for trouble-free installation:
First, see whether the fuel tank cap specifications are the same, to check if it can be tightened.
Second, check whether if the length of the inner tube of the parking heater can match the height of the fuel tank. It is better that the length of the inner tube is longer than 10 cm. So […]

What are the causes of freezing rupture of electric vehicle heaters?

What are the causes of frost crack of electric vehicle heater? So that’s the question we’re going to answer today. Please check the following details:
1. Because of the electric vehicle heater’s improper installation or piping, it makes electric vehicle heater lowest point has water. Then in the winter, the operation process follows the extension of the running time, electric vehicle heater coil is very simple to be iced, and the electric heater will be damaged too.
2. During the air conditioning system designing, electric heater for fresh air […]