Brief introduction for parking heater

Parking heater is a kind of independent heating device of vehicles, it has its own fuel supplying system, electric circuits, ignition equipment and smart controlling unit. Without starting the engine to warm up the car which is parked in the low-temperature area during winter, parking heater can totally get rid of engine wearing for starting in cold weather.

The principle of parking heaters is: using battery or heater’s own electricity to ignite a little gasoline, with the heat from combustion of the fuel, the liquid of engine circulation system will be heated and make the engine activated thermally, and the cab will be warmed up at the same time.

The advantages of parking heaters are as follows:

A. Preheat the engine together with your car without starting the engine, allow you to enjoy the warmth in your car like home.

B. Faster preheating, advanced and convenient remote control, warm up your car with a single click.

C. Eliminate the wearing by cold start to the engine. Some studies indicate that a cold start of your engine is equivalent to 200km of driving, and nearly 60% of engine wearing is caused by cold start. Therefore, with the installation of a parking heater, you can protect your engine and prolong its life by at least 30%.

D. No more frosting or fogging problems on your windshield.

E. Low fuel consumption and low emissions make it more environmentally friendly.

F. Warranty at least 2 years.

G. Nice workmanship and trouble-free installation. You can even disassemble it and reinstall it on another car.

Say Bye-Bye to freezing winter with Tenzu parking heater.