Parking heater maintenance and precautions in winter

The parking heater seasonal equipment used in winter. It should be checked and protected before starting, during and after the operation to ensure safety and reliability.

Here are some suggestions for maintenance:

1. The parking heater should be activated once a month (at least 10 minutes) when winter is over.

2. Check the fuel filter and replace if necessary.

3. Check the leak tightness of the water pipe, to see whether there are twists.

4. Check the leakage of fuel pipe.

5. Check the electric wire whether it is damaged, if the connector is loose or the fixing is reliable.

6. Check if the pump motor is working properly and if there is abnormal noise.

7. Check if the glow plug or incinerator has carbon deposits.

8. Check the sensor working status.

9. Inspect the combustion air and exhaust lines for smooth exhausting.

10. Check whether the radiator, defroster fan has abnormal noise.

11. Check if the coolant tank has leakage.

12. Ensure that the fuel tank, tubing and oil filter solenoid valve are clean to prevent dirt from clogging the oil circuit.

There are also some suggestions for winter precautions:

A. Pay attention to the selection of parking heater oil in winter, choose the appropriate viscosity grade. 15W-40 and -9.5 °C to 50 °C recommended.

B. The use of parking heaters in winter also requires the right selection of diesel fuel, and the appropriate number (freezing point) should be selected. 5# diesel is suitable for use when the temperature is above 8 °C; 0# diesel is suitable for use when the temperature is between 8 °C and 4 °C; -10# diesel is suitable for use when the temperature is between 4 °C and -5 °C; Use when the temperature is between -5 ° C and -14 °C.

C. Selection of coolant. If the ambient temperature may be lower than 0 °C, in case the coolant freezes and damages the engine and radiator, antifreeze is required.

Typically, the parking heater is very easy to use and maintain, especially our brand: Tenzu parking heater. Those suggestions above are for just in case. Let Tenzu parking heater warm your world with a single phone call or en email.