Daily maintenance of parking heater

According to the incomplete statistics of manufacturers and car owners, the installation of parking heaters for vehicles has become a new trend. With the increase in the number of people using parking heaters, the types of parking heaters are gradually increasing too. However, according to the parking heater users, the daily maintenance and protection are not perfectly got by customers. How do we deal with parking heater maintenance and protection?

The vehicle owners who use the parking heater can remove the heater from the car for cleaning and overhaul after the winter. Usually, there is no need to overhaul during a heating period, but maintenance and protection in time are necessary.

After the parking heater is operated for months, the glow plug should be unscrewed, and the volatile net should be taken out to clean up the carbon deposit. If the heating fuse is burnt, the new glow plug should be replaced.

If there is too much carbon deposit, causing a drop of thermal efficiency, the carbon deposits in the inner wall or in the incineration chamber, it should be cleaned.

The fuel tank, oil pipe and oil filter device should be cleaned and dredged regularly, according to actual working conditions.

Use the right antifreeze or antifreeze mixture.

Check the circulation pump, according to the application status. If the sealing surface leak happens, or you have difficulty in starting the parking heater, inspections are needed.

The parameters of the parking heater are well set when it is produced, so we don’t suggest another change in the digital parameters.

The parking heater doesn’t need any repairment if the normal working hours are less than 1000 hours. If the working hours are more than 1000 hours, checking the carbon brush or the smooth condition for wearing test are necessary.

When the winter is over, the parking heater power supply can be disconnected, keep it clean and dry. Do not put the parking heater in rain or exposed in the sunshine for a long time. It is better that the heating function can be worked 1-2 times a month for at least 5 minutes.

Daily protection of the parking heater is quite important. It can not only extend the service life of the heater, but also can save you some money and make your parking heater more cost-effective.